The Air We Breathe!

the air we breathe 4 Tonnes chips per hour = 100 Tonnes air per hour.

Spare a thought for the air that we breathe

As humans, we breathe normally at approximately 6 litres of air per minute. This equates to about ½ kilogram of air per hour.

Air is used in lots of industrial processes. The following are some examples that we have been involved with.

A customer of ours is mixing, drying, pelletising and bagging chicken manure as fertilizer at the rate of 4 tonnes per hour. Our fan that makes all of this happen provides air at 4m³/sec. This equates to 17 tonnes of air per hour and is driven by a 18 kilowatt motor.

Another application is an agricultural air seeder that plants approximately 5 tonnes per hour of seed and fertilizer. Our fan to do this provides about 3 tonnes of air per hour.

Then there is the potato chip drying process of 4 tonnes of chips per hour. The dryer has 4 fans at 6m³/sec each. This equates to 25 tonnes of air per hour for each fan. That’s a total of 100 tonnes of air for 4 tonnes of potato chips every hour and driven by 44 kilowatts of power. Thus, air and fans are important for all sorts of industrial processes.