Greenhouse Gas Emissions

greenhouse gas emissions

Did you know that air weighs 1.2 kg per cubic meter and when a fan moves this weight of air energy is required.

Take an average Powder Coating Booth with a Reverse Pulse Dust Collector. Air required three (3) cubic meters of air per sec (6000 CFM) at 3 Kpa(12” WG).

  1. Select the cheapest smallest fan – Direct Drive 2900 RPM.
    Power consumed will be 11.9 kW.
  2. Select the most efficient fan – Direct Drive with a Variable Frequency
    Speed Controller and 2400 RPM.
    Power consumed 10.6 kW.
The efficient fan saves 1.3 kW and over one (1) year two shifts . ( ie 4000 hours operation and power costing 10 cents per KWH.)
Dollar savings will be $520.00 and more importantly the savings in Green House Gas emissions is about seven (7) Tonnes.